Stain Removing



We are professional in all type stains removing from all type of fabrics, the removing process will be according fabric label care by using high quality.

Solvents and chemicals to remove below stains:

  Beetroot/blackcurrant/coffee/fruit/tea/Wine stains

  Tar and beach oil stains.

  Tomato/ketchup/sauce stains.

  Nail varnish stains.

  Butter/cooking oil/grease/lipstick/margarine/mascara/Shoe polish/sunscreen stains.

  Glue/adhesive stains.

  Chocolate/chocolate pudding/cream/egg/grass/Ice cream/jam/mayonnaise/milk/curry/chili/mustard.

  Iron/mold/rust stains.

  Blood stains.

  Grass stains.

  Candle wax stains.

  Paint stains.